Quit smoking and be eligible for no exam life insurance

Smoking is a leading cause of death in United State. The mortality rate has alarmingly increased in the recent decades and it is expected to rise. Smokers have hard time finding some companies able to tolerate their habit and provide insurance.

smoking no exam life insuranceTheir last hope is life insurance no exam policies, which usually provide general acceptance, even for smokers.  But there are cases when even companies that sell these policies do not accept you. The best solution in this situation is to quit smoking and be eligible for no exam life insurance.

Smoking has many negative consequences, on multiple plans. Obviously health is the first to suffer, since you introduce in your body countless harmful chemicals. Deteriorating your health has also deep impact on your overall budget.

You will have to pay more for some medical examinations and if something wrong is detected, you must treat that infection or disease. Again, you will need to spend money for all procedures. And there is another problem- you will not get too many chances of finding insurance.

Having lung cancer or something with similar life-threatening risk level will make many carriers refuse you.  It is their right to select clients and if you do not qualify for their criteria, there is nothing left to talk.

So, having a deteriorated health can prevent even companies offering no exam insurances from providing coverage. The best thing to do, if the disease is not incurable, is to quit smoking and take some medicine. In time it will improve your health and will make you eligible for no exam life insurance.

This problem is delicate and must be discussed with medics and insurance agents. We also recommend do researching and learning more about what you are suffering and what treatments are available. If you decide to shop online for life insurance, we recommend finding first relevant quotes.

We understand the importance of having life insurance for smokers and we want to help them to get one. Our website offers free online quotes. Visit us!