No Exam Term Life Insurance Is Available For People With Pre-Existing Conditions!

“If you are sick or too old, you cannot be our client!”- This is a most annoying line that you heard so many times. The sad truth is that the insurance representative is wright.  Companies have their own standards and have the legal right to select their clients accordingly.

senior-life-insuranceYou will be rejected if your age or medical condition is below the standards. Companies selling no exam life insurance policies are more tolerable.  For example, no exam term life insurance is available for people with pre-existing conditions.

No exam term life insurance is almost the same with regular term life policies.  You will gain protection for a limited amount of time, if you respect the contract and keep paying the premiums. If your death comes while still under coverage, the death benefit will be collected by your designated beneficiaries. If not, you will not gain any benefits beyond those stated in the contract. This is exactly like regular term life insurance.  However there are some differences regarding price and some limitations.

The prices are higher for any no exam policy. But the price is justified by the risk taken by the insurance company. Offering life insurance for those with medical problems is a dangerous gamble for any carrier.  Furthermore, there will be limitations regarding maximum coverage amount and death benefits.  The benefits outweigh any cost and you will have all the protection you want.

There are many advantages for this policy: it is easy, fast to obtain it and can ensure people with serious medical problems.  You have simplified issue no exam life insurance policies, for those with minor health problems. Usually they are cheaper but you will have to answer to up to 12 medical questions.

Guaranteed issue no exam life insurance policies are designed for those with more complicated medical problems.  If your medical condition can be improved in time, pick no exam policies, to make sure that you are protected during treatment.

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