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The Effects of Smoking on Whole Life Insurance Premiums

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Life insurance premiums costs are decided by multiple factors. Amongst those factors, health and age are of primary importance. Best rating will be granted to those that are able to certify their excellent physical shape while they are still young. Clearly, smokers do not meet the required parameters. Their habit influences not only the prices, but also the chances of being accepted for a series of policies. In this blog we will discuss more about

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Quit smoking and be eligible for no exam life insurance

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Smoking is a leading cause of death in United State. The mortality rate has alarmingly increased in the recent decades and it is expected to rise. Smokers have hard time finding some companies able to tolerate their habit and provide insurance. Their last hope is life insurance no exam policies, which usually provide general acceptance, even for smokers.  But there are cases when even companies that sell these policies do not accept you. The best

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