3 Reasons to Buy No Medical Exam Life Insurance!

Life insurance no medical exam is probably the most controversial policy on the market. If you ever browsed online for life insurance, you have probably seen that many persons express different opinions on their personal blogs. Some people heavily contest it, while others relate its benefits and present its major 3 reasons to buy no medical exam life insurance:

images41)     General acceptance. Being old, smoker, sick or with other undesirable traits, makes you ineligible for traditional life insurance policies. You represent a great risk for any insurer and those that sell standard term life or permanent insurance do not want to assume liability.

Presenting documents that attest a poor health or a certain age will be the perfect excuse to be rejected. Do not feel secluded, some companies thought about this and designed special policies for your problem. You will no longer be treated as a special case and you will be regarded as a normal citizen who wants the same protection as anybody else.

2)     Fast underwriting process. The typical underwriting process is tedious, long and very stressing. You must bring numerous medical documents, medical results, earning records and so on. Plus, some companies will want to talk with your medic.  If you are old, this stress is certainly not good for your health.

And even as a younger person, if you are a patient, things can complicate while you wait for approval and medical results. Those complications will make standard underwriting impossible.  No medical exam life insurance underwriting is extremely fast, since you will not have to wait several weeks for medical results. The answer will be sent in several hours.

3)     Fair prices. The most common misconception about no exam life insurance is related to its price. Yes, no exam life insurance is a bit expensive, but the prices are not extremely high, as some people suggest. So, do not be discouraged and search thoroughly for no medical exam life insurance quotes.

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